This project is being discontinued. Use at your own risk! ;)


  • Create accounts
  • Roster management: Add, delete contacts, edit contact’s groups etc.
  • Jabber presence types with support for away messages
  • Custom presence for each roster item
  • Instant Messages and 1:1 Chats
  • Support for registering and searching JUD (Jabber User Directory)
  • Full support for MUC (Multi-User Chats) as described in JEP-0045
  • Support for transport/gateways to other IM services like ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc.
  • Server side storage of preferences and bookmarks (chat rooms)
  • Message-History (optional – needs support from the server side)
  • many more


  • Multiple language support (through apache’s mod_negotiation)
  • Online-Help
  • System sounds
  • Smileys in messages and chats (themes customizable)
  • Customizable poll interval (if polling backend present)

Supported Browsers and Platforms

Windows Vista/XP et al:

  • MS Internet Explorer since version 6.0
  • all Gecko based browsers
  • Opera since v9.x

Mac OS X:

  • Mozilla (stable) since version 1.0.2
  • Camino 0.7
  • Safari since v3.x


  • all Gecko based browsers
  • Konqueror
  • Opera since v9.x

Backends for communication

JWChat relies on some service either implementing
HTTP Polling
HTTP Binding
(through the use of JSJaC).
There a Jabber™ servers out there having such kind of services
built-in directly like ejabberd that comes with an http polling
interface. If your server doesn’t support any of these protocols itself
there are external software components available which let you connect
to any jabber server using HTTP Polling or HTTP Binding like
punjab or