This project is being discontinued. Use at your own risk! ;)

Pre-generated Tarballs/ZIP-Archives

JWChat can be downloaded from the files section at


Anonymous CVS

Alternatively you can use
anonymous CVS
. To get a current snapshot of the sources follow these steps:

Log into the CVS Server:

$ export
$ cvs login

When asked for a password just hit return!

Go to your desired installation directory and check out the client code:

$ cvs -z3 checkout jwchat

Please make sure to read and understand README.CVS included with this distribution. Thanks!

Installation – Quick Start

  • Unpack the downloaded file to a directory that can be accessed by your web server.
  • Configure your web server:
    1. Set the default-encoding to UTF-8 or make sure, that no other default encoding is being used
      AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
    2. Enable mod_negotiation (chooses files according to languages a browser requests) and add a line like
      Options +MultiViews
    3. Enable address rewriting and proxying requests to make http
      polling/binding base address apear to be local to the webserver. E.g. for
      apache you would have to load mod_rewrite and mod_proxy
      (apache2 requires you too load mod_proxy_http additionally) and add some
      lines like

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteRule /http-poll/ [P]

      Assuming that is the http
      polling base address.

  • Edit ‘config.js’ to suit your needs (see comments for details).
    Take care when it comes to httpbase addresses which MUST reflect those
    URLs configured for address rewriting to extern http polling or http
    binding addresses from above.

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the README
included with your JWChat distribution!