GTK-Imonc ChangeLog

This project is being discontinued. Use at your own risk! ;)

2005-01-12 Stefan Strigler

* get_connection: use strtoul instead of atol
(to display > 2GB traffic)

2005-01-09 Stefan Strigler

* fixed get_bytes_64
* don't use get_bytes_64 at get_connections. using a new one
instead, which formats nicer (get_fbytes)
* fixed summing up of bytes for get_connection

* fixed font at trafficinfo widget

2004-10-09 Stefan Strigler

* make use of md5 hashed passwords if available
* fixe broken phonebook file format

2004-09-29 Stefan Strigler

* support remote update for fli4l >=2.1.8

2004-06-16 Stefan Strigler

* included patch from hansmi which fixes a buffer overflow with long
* if systemtray-icon don't quit in x clicked
* fixes for gtk2.4 and new glade

2004-03-03 Stefan Strigler

* fixed remote-update for fli4l >=2.1.5

2004-03-02 Stefan Strigler

* convert date to utf8 in status_display_update
* remove getline in parse_config, use g_io_channel functions instead

2003-11-29 Stefan Strigler

* initial support for system tray icon
* traffic_info_update: fixed memory leak
* fixed GTK-Critical on startup

2003-09-12 Stefan Strigler

* fixed get_bytes_64, get_bytes
* automatically reconnect on failure
* fixed some icons
* fixed progressbar
* remote date representation according to local locale settings
* fixed umlauts in clists

2003-09-05 Stefan Strigler

* port to gtk2 done
* reviewed all dialogs to match new gtk2 ui standards
* Remoute Update tab: autoselect rc.cfg if opt.tgz selected
* Support tab: weblink added (fires up mozilla)
* preferences: fixed mini_view bug

2003-07-26 Stefan Strigler

* started porting to gtk2
* moved sources from gtk-imonc to src

2003-07-24 Stefan Strigler

* gtk-imonc/timer.c: fixed timetable coloring (for more than 4 circuits)

* Added preferences dialog, options are stored in ~/.imoncrc which is read at startup

2003-05-08 Stefan Strigler

* timer.c: colored timetable
* main.c: -t _enables_ pop-up windows now
-t [command] executes custom command on incoming call
* imonc.c: bug-fix in get_lastcall

2003-05-03 Stefan Strigler

* main.c: switched to getopt for command-line parsing
* main.c, timer.c, timer.h: command-line switch "-t" disables telmond popups

2003-04-14 Stefan Strigler

* gtk-imonc/callbacks, gtk-imonc/main.c: fix for auth

2003-04-09 Stefan Strigler

* bugfix: handle password for imond and admin correctly

2003-04-08 Stefan Strigler

* avoid unnecessary dns lookups

2003-02-02 Stefan Strigler

* pop up window for incoming calls
* support for phonebook (looks for /etc/phonebook and ~/.phonebook)

2003-01-21 Stefan Strigler

* editing of portfw for imond>10
* made admin_auth_dialog modal

2003-01-13 Stefan Strigler

* support for mac os X
* support for imond > 10 (fli4l 2.1.x)

2002-09-16 Stefan Strigler

* gtk-imonc/remote_update.c (Repository): update-dir was wrong

2002-08-16 Stefan Strigler

* added 64bit support for transfers
* moved remote-update functions to own files
* finished remote update functions

* imonc.c: rewrite of get_answer (only read until \n)
* gtk-imonc/timer.c : fixed crash on hangup

2002-08-05 Stefan Strigler

* news.c: removed libwww again ... doing without it
* added basic support for remote updates

2002-07-20 Stefan Strigler

* timer.c: made traffic-info resizeable
* news.c: added, handles communication with webserver for getting news
uses libwww (nice integration with autoconf/automake still missing)

2002-06-23 Stefan Strigler

* timer.c: avoid flickering

2002-05-11 Stefan Strigler

* timer.c: fixed memory leak in traffic_info_update

2002-05-01 Stefan Strigler

* fixed broken password authentication

2002-05-01 Stefan Strigler

* removed miniimonc again
* enhanced context menu instead and show traffic info

2002-04-27 Stefan Strigler

* added mini view (from Michael Hanselmann)

2002-03-07 Stefan Strigler

* debian: files for automated debian package generation
* panel for cpu usage and traffic info
* some minor gui enhancements
* some minor bug fixing

2001-12-30 Stefan Strigler

* hide password from process info when submitted on command line
* cleaned up about tab
* bug-fix: support button was not enabled per default when no
admin password required

2001-12-14 Stefan Strigler

* dump different kind of data: imondlog, calls and support infos
* support enhanced logfile format for imondlog file
* code clean up: added timer.[ch] which now contains all the
timer, init and update routines
* ability to submit password dialogs by pressing RETURN

2001-12-01 Stefan Strigler

* main.c: added new command line parameters:
- disable getting news
- supply password to start with

2001-10-15 Stefan Strigler

* get hostname from imond and use this instead of supplied one
* deal with new format of multilined answers (BUG-Fix in imond)
* thus limited to run only with new imond (version >= 9)

2001-10-13 Stefan Strigler

* added news panel (fetches and
displays it in a separate panel)

2001-10-10 Stefan Strigler

* posibility to change hup-timeout for circiuts (still buggy)

* BUG-Fix: if no telmond-tab and no connection-tab removed
timetable-tab instead of connection-tab

2001-10-09 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-Fix: get_list was still broken, now get whole buffer before
splitting lines
* campaign: save the earth - save power ;),
remember static values (version, pppoe, channels, circuits),
remember offline status (online update when online)

2001-10-08 Stefan Strigler

* Bug-Fix: get_calls and get_connections omitted first entry
* Bug-Fix: get_timetabl omitted first row too
* refresh status page immediatelly after switch

2001-10-02 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-Fix: parser error in get_list resulted in crash when circuit
name contained "O"
* BUG-Fix: show widget only after all data is loaded
* some minor enhancements

2001-09-30 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-Fix: changed initialization (for more speed and hopefully
* BUG-Fix: had a memory leak again

2001-09-28 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-Fix: wrong notebook was removed if imondlog=no
* BUG-Fix: data from get_list wasn't freed (memory leaks)
* BUG-Fix: don't load whole list when updating connections
* some minor GUI enhancements

2001-08-26 Stefan Strigler

* remove panel for calls/connections if not available
* display uptime
* work around against flickering when displaying other panels than
* updating connections when activ connection has terminated
* minor code clean-up
* added support for german

2001-08-25 Stefan Strigler

* added display pages for calls, connections, timetable and about
* display of cpu utilization
* display of router/imond version
* display of i/o utilization (net-traffic)

2001-08-17 Stefan Strigler

* display version at status display

2001-07-13 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-FIX : Error on authentication (case "user and admin password
required" forgotten)

2001-06-22 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-FIX: DSL connection status was not displayed again

2001-06-21 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-FIX: when initilazing the clist-window circuits instead of
channels has been used
* show DSL before ISDN

2001-06-20 Stefan Strigler

* BUG-FIX: DSL connection status was not displayed
* better handling of admin mode detection
* better handling of channelbundling support

2001-06-19 Stefan Strigler

* handle lost/dead connections

2001-06-14 Stefan Strigler

* support for admin mode
* rearanged status display in clist

2001-06-05 Stefan Strigler

* show last incoming call
* nice icons indication online/offline status
* DSL - Support (by andreas boebel)
* support for enabling channel bundling
* warning popup-dialog for reboot/halt
* some minor gui enhancements

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