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today: radio talk on openmicroblogging (in german)

Today I’ll be giving an interview to radio fsk, hamburg. The topic is about twitter and openmicroblogging. They’ll have Cem Basman from WhisperN News and Media (brokerz) at face and I’ll join later on to talk about the role of XMPP in the field of openmicroblogging. The live broadcast calls itself Nerdalert and will start […]

twitterspy – a jabber/xmpp gateway to twitter

Today I decided to give twitterspy a try in order to get rid of a dedicated twitter client that wastes space and resources on my desktop. Twitterspy is a jabber bot that sits in your roster and forwards messages to twitter back and forth. As it’s still missing some helpful documentation on howto setup such […]

last steps towards jwchat-1.0 (and thoughts about what’s beyond)

Currently I’m preparing for the long awaited release of JWChat v1.0. I haven’t been working on it for a long time now (2-3 years) and all I want to do is to fix some remaining issues, do some compatibility tests and that’s it. So if you know of some things you think they should urgently […]

JWChat’s homepage moved

Another short note: Just finished moving all the content previously hosted at to this blog as Hope this will make it easier for me to maintain content and keep you up2date.

JabberHTTPBind 1.1.1

A quick one: Just uploaded JabberHTTPBind 1.1.1. It contains a little fix for a problem with connections using DNS SRV records (like connecting to updated to fix problems with FF3

Just had an update of to the latest version from CVS. Problems with Firefox3 not working correctly should be gone now. Please make reports here if you’re still discovering any issues!

Chatbot repositories moved

As has gone down some time ago I grabbed a dump of chatbot‘s SVN repository lately and uploaded it into my own subversion service. So please if you’re interested into chatbot development (or maybe even usage :D) relocate your repository to UPDATE: Chatbot is now being hosted at That’s the new home […]

changed licensing of jsjac

JSJaC is now licensed following Mozilla’s the tri-license model and as such available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License or at your option under the terms of the GNU General Public License as well as the GNU Lesser General Public License. There’s a new release v1.3.1 to reflect those changes. featuring JWChat

Today there’s a nice article introducing JWChat on Thanks for spreading the word! 🙂

JSJaC 1.3

A new version of JSJaC is out. Thanks to patches from process-one and oDesk JSJaC 1.3 comes with tons of bugfixes and little improvements. Most notably each registered handler is executed with its context set to the underlying connection object, which means that you can access your jabber/XMPP connection with the ‘this’ keyword from within […]