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Firefox 3.0.6 not able to read Cookie (breaks MUCkl/JWChat with HTTP Polling)

Firefox as of version 3.0.6 seems to not allow reading cookies from HTTP headers when doing AJAX requests. As a consequence JSJaC’s HTTP Polling backend can’t work correctly anymore and breaks usage of MUCkl and JWChat with this version of Firefox. If your site is affected please consider switching to HTTP Binding (aka BOSH) which […]

MUCkl 0.4.4 is out

A new release of MUCkl is available. MUCkl is a lightweight spin off project of JWChat. It offers web based access to Jabber/XMPP groupchats/conferences based on the MUC protocol without having to register for a jabber account (just enter your nickname and off you go!). This release mainly fixes support for Firefox 3 plus some […]

JWChat and OpenFire

A good tutorial on Making JWChat work with OpenFire. Thanks for posting!

XSS-Vulnerability in MUCkl v0.4.2 (and earlier)

Thanks to BeF we discovered (and fixed) a XSS vulnerability in MUCkl yesterday. Now there’s a new release of MUCkl (v0.4.3) available for you to download which fixes this issue (and some more bugs too). If you’re hosting an instance of MUCkl somewhere please upgrade!

more public repositories

As promised I’ve made the subversion repositories for MUCkl and JabberHTTPBind publicly available today. They are located at and respectively. [EDIT] Trac instances are in place too now! Enjoy!

MUCkl Tutorials

I’m very glad to announce the availability of two new tutorials regarding MUCkl: Installer MUCKl EJabberd [french]. An english translation is available at Install MUCkl – Multi-User Chat Web Frontend. MUCkl Utilisation [french only]

MUCkl-0.4.2 is out

A new version of MUCkl, the web-based groupchat application, is available. Amongst some bug fixes this version contains a new feature that allows locking out users for a given period of time. If a user is being kicked from a room he’s not able to rejoin for 1 minute. You can change this period by […]

Introducing MUCkl

Some days ago I announced a new project of mine officially here: [jdev] introducing MUCkl, a web-based groupchat application From the post: now that there is some fresh air regarding implementions of SASL Anonymous I decided to officially announce a new project I started some months ago. MUCkl is a web-based application for groupchats which […]