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JWChat in Plone

Stephane Konstantaropoulos was kind enough to write up a little tutorial on how to integrate JWChat with Plone. Thanks again, Stephane!

jwchat and safari

Now that I found same spare time finally I tried using JWChat with Safari and to me surprise I discovered using the latest version of JSJaC it’s possible to log in and do some chatting with it. Unfortunately it crashes on various situations. And with crashing I mean that safari disappears immediately without any error […]

SSL at supports SSL now. You should get a CAcert certificat when pointing your browser to In order to validate this certificate some browser may have to import CAcert’s root certificates first.

Updated JWChat War File

For your convenience I just uploaded an updated war file of JWChat to SourceForge. It contains all the latest code (CVS) from JWChat, JSJaC and JabberHTTPBind.

go, mabber, go!

mabber finally is ready for public beta testing. I’ve been working on this project as a freelancer for the last 4 months, so you won’t be too much surprised to hear that it’s based on JWChat, will you? Anyway, if you want an invitation just drop me a line (you need an invitation in order […]

current cvs: latest jep-0136, jep-0124 and jsjac api changes

I’ve uploaded major changes to both JWChat and JSJaC into CVS the other day. JSJaC’s API has changed slightly, some important bugs have been fixed and its HTTP Binding implementation has been updated to the latest version of the JEP. JWChat has been adapted to reflect these changes of JSJaC’s API. JWChat’s implementation of JEP-0136 […]

Updated JWChat’s Homepage

Can’t believe it myself but finally found some time to update JWChat’s homepage: Updated and added important information, fixed typos and stuff like that. Makes me feeling happy 🙂


Finally I’ll be switching to some more up-to-date hardware with tomorrow. Thumbs up!

JWChat-1.0beta2 is out

Along with the latest releases of JSJaC and JabberHTTPBind today I decided to update JWChat also to reflect these changes. The new version also contains a new translation in dutch, some bug fixes and a somewhat reworked README which hopefully get’s you started more easily.

New Releases of JSJaC and JabberHTTPBind

Took some time but finally I decided to release new versions of JSJaC and JabberHTTPBind which both together offer true support for HTTP Binding now (not using the polling mode described in JEP-0124 anymore). There will be a new beta release of JWChat including those changes within the next days.