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Firefox 3.0.6 not able to read Cookie (breaks MUCkl/JWChat with HTTP Polling)

Firefox as of version 3.0.6 seems to not allow reading cookies from HTTP headers when doing AJAX requests. As a consequence JSJaC’s HTTP Polling backend can’t work correctly anymore and breaks usage of MUCkl and JWChat with this version of Firefox. If your site is affected please consider switching to HTTP Binding (aka BOSH) which […]

JSJaC inherit

When integrating a web chat (like JWChat) into your existing community most likely you don’t want to have your users sign in a second time just for the chat. A possible solution to this problem domain is to let your web server handle BOSH session instantiation and xmpp authentication. Once successfull you can pass the […]

JWChat 1.0

After releasing JSJaC and MUCkl today I’m proud to announce another long awaited release: JWChat v1.0. JWChat is a web based yet full fledged jabber client. It supports most modern browsers like MSIE 6 and 7, Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3.x, Opera, Safari and many more. Just like meebo you can do instant messaging with a […]

last steps towards jwchat-1.0 (and thoughts about what’s beyond)

Currently I’m preparing for the long awaited release of JWChat v1.0. I haven’t been working on it for a long time now (2-3 years) and all I want to do is to fix some remaining issues, do some compatibility tests and that’s it. So if you know of some things you think they should urgently […]

JWChat’s homepage moved

Another short note: Just finished moving all the content previously hosted at to this blog as Hope this will make it easier for me to maintain content and keep you up2date. updated to fix problems with FF3

Just had an update of to the latest version from CVS. Problems with Firefox3 not working correctly should be gone now. Please make reports here if you’re still discovering any issues! featuring JWChat

Today there’s a nice article introducing JWChat on Thanks for spreading the word! 🙂

JWChat v1.0beta3 released

Amongst some bugfixes and updated/new translations this release contains the latest version of JSJaC (v1.2). The bundled war file now comes with the latest version of JabberHTTPBind (v1.1) too.

JWChat in sync with latest JSJaC

Thanks to fh JWChat from CVS is now up2date with JSJaC. Also he was kind enough to fix various of the old and outstanding bugs and to clean up our trackers at sourceforge. Thanks a lot Florian!

JWChat and OpenFire

A good tutorial on Making JWChat work with OpenFire. Thanks for posting!