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JSJaC review

Some days ago I’ve started a new branch for JSJaC for an upcoming version 1.0. On my TODO for this version are things like Use JID objects throughout to make working with JIDs more comfortably Allow to extend IQ packets dynamically with generic getters/setters and stuff Make handling of IQs and callbacks more easily and […]

jsjac moved

As JabberStudio will be shut down soon I moved JSJaC’s homepage to a new location here at my blog. The official address now is Along with these changes I had to move JSJaC’s CVS repository to a new location too. It’s now hosted using subversion located at Last but not least there’s a […]

jsjac-0.6 released

Some days ago I released jsjac v0.6. From the changelog: * Support for Opera, Konqueror and Safari. * Support for suspend/resume (makes it possible to save the state between page transitions. * Single include by JSJaC.js * Many bugfixes and improvements concerning reliability. * API change! Params to constructors and connect methods are now passed […]

Introducing MUCkl

Some days ago I announced a new project of mine officially here: [jdev] introducing MUCkl, a web-based groupchat application From the post: now that there is some fresh air regarding implementions of SASL Anonymous I decided to officially announce a new project I started some months ago. MUCkl is a web-based application for groupchats which […]

current cvs: latest jep-0136, jep-0124 and jsjac api changes

I’ve uploaded major changes to both JWChat and JSJaC into CVS the other day. JSJaC’s API has changed slightly, some important bugs have been fixed and its HTTP Binding implementation has been updated to the latest version of the JEP. JWChat has been adapted to reflect these changes of JSJaC’s API. JWChat’s implementation of JEP-0136 […]

New Releases of JSJaC and JabberHTTPBind

Took some time but finally I decided to release new versions of JSJaC and JabberHTTPBind which both together offer true support for HTTP Binding now (not using the polling mode described in JEP-0124 anymore). There will be a new beta release of JWChat including those changes within the next days.

some notes on implementing http binding

When I said JSJaC and my JabberHTTPBind servlet do HTTP Binding this only holds for HTTP Binding operating in polling mode. Punjab allows you to use only polling mode too by the way. So I’m still working on both, the servlet and JSJaC to get true support for HTTP Binding.