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JabberHTTPBind 1.1.1

A quick one: Just uploaded JabberHTTPBind 1.1.1. It contains a little fix for a problem with connections using DNS SRV records (like connecting to

JabberHTTPBind 1.1

Just uploaded a new release of JabberHTTPBind. This version fixes an issue with non polling sessions getting errors of polling-too-frequently. Check it out…

more public repositories

As promised I’ve made the subversion repositories for MUCkl and JabberHTTPBind publicly available today. They are located at and respectively. [EDIT] Trac instances are in place too now! Enjoy!

JabberHTTPBind 1.0 is out!

I’m pleased to announce the availability of JabberHTTPBind v1.0. Additionally to many bug fixes it contains the following new features: Support for forwarding stream features and errors (if supported by remote jabber server), thus enabling clients to authorize using SASL STARTTLS (if supported by remote jabber server) [thanks to Les Seigneur and James McCartney for […]

JabberHTTPBind-0.4 released

A new version of JabberHTTPBind is available (incl. sources as requested). Amongst numerous bugfixes it contains patches from Guus der Kinderen to support DNS ‘SRV’ records and honours a ‘route’ attribute when creating new sessions as defined by latest versions of XEP-0124.