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Chatbot repositories moved

As has gone down some time ago I grabbed a dump of chatbot‘s SVN repository lately and uploaded it into my own subversion service. So please if you’re interested into chatbot development (or maybe even usage :D) relocate your repository to UPDATE: Chatbot is now being hosted at That’s the new home […]

ChatBot reloaded

It was back in 1998 when Ryan Eatmon started coding on a Jabber channel bot (in Perl). For quite some time now no changes have been made to the code. As it would be really a shame to see this beautiful piece of software disappear in accordance with Ryan I decided to take over development […]

sending raw xml from within chatbot

Wrote a new ChatBot plugin today I thought I’d like to share with you. It enables you to send raw xml data with the help of a spool directory. Chatbot watches this directory. If it finds a file in there it sends its content accross the wire. Pretty handy for lots of stuff like interfacing […]