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let’s do the timewaste again – or just another example on how some popular JavaScript libraries or frameworks freak me out

Let’s talk about code quality and about quality of documentation. One example. I’m using underscore. So there is ‘findWhere’ on collections. All you can get is “Just like where, but directly returns only the first model in the collection that matches the passed attributes.” Ok, fine, you might say, but what if it doesn’t find […]

Dockered tinyproxy for dev environment

The other day I was looking for a solution to replace my Charles based proxy setup for our legacy system’s dev environment. Mostly because a colleague doesn’t have a license and didn’t want to pay for it. And we’re only using it for a single use case. The functionality they call “Map Remote”. Basically it […]

Otalk IM

A customer of mine asked for a WebRTC based, self hosted solution. So I started investigating and stumbled upon the great Otalk IM Client. Unfortunately it has not been maintained for a while. I decided to go with it nonetheless. I updated dependencies as required to make them work with latest stable NPM (3.x) and […]

WebRTC based Jingle for JSJaC

Thanks to ValĂ©rian Saliou from there’s now an implementation of Jingle for JSJaC. Jingle is a protocol that allows audio and video calls on top of XMPP. The implementation makes use of WebRTC as the underlying transport. And as such by definition it’s the hottest shit. The project is called JSJaCJingle.js and can be […]

Introducing Tumblikes

Tumblikes is a webapp based on node.js that allows you to download all your liked posts at Tumblr. It’s useful for backup or offline access. The project is opensource (AGPL) and hosted at Github. For convenience there’s an npm package as well. So you might just want to $ npm install tumblikes If you just […]

JSDebugger now with copyright and license

Just a short note that I released a new version of JSDebugger containing the usual legalese (Copyright and GPL).

We’re hiring …, an international dating community located at Cologne/Germany is looking for talented programmers. Currently we’re looking for a skilled JavaScript/AJAX coder preverably with some basic knowledge of Jabber/XMPP. You would join the team here in Berlin and help us improving and extending our integrated web based IM solution (which is based on JWChat/JSJaC). is […]

JSJaC review

Some days ago I’ve started a new branch for JSJaC for an upcoming version 1.0. On my TODO for this version are things like Use JID objects throughout to make working with JIDs more comfortably Allow to extend IQ packets dynamically with generic getters/setters and stuff Make handling of IQs and callbacks more easily and […]

jwchat and safari

Now that I found same spare time finally I tried using JWChat with Safari and to me surprise I discovered using the latest version of JSJaC it’s possible to log in and do some chatting with it. Unfortunately it crashes on various situations. And with crashing I mean that safari disappears immediately without any error […]

Debugger v0.4 is out

I’m pleased to announce version 0.4 of the JavaScript Debugg Logger. This one logs messages asynchronously thus it’s impact an runtime issues with the code to be debugged are minimized. Have phun!