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Random Rant on Ubuntu/Linux

Dear Ubuntu or whom it might concern, I understand or lets say, I’ve learned after a fresh install your default email client is thunderbird. Lets rather call it a strong suggestion instead of default cause default would mean you could seamlessly switch away from it. Which you can’t. Anyway. At the same time I discovered […]

gateways blocked

Short note: due to abuse I had to block access to all gateways (transports) of for external usage. I’m sorry about this but currently there’s no other way to maintain regular services as is.

last steps towards jwchat-1.0 (and thoughts about what’s beyond)

Currently I’m preparing for the long awaited release of JWChat v1.0. I haven’t been working on it for a long time now (2-3 years) and all I want to do is to fix some remaining issues, do some compatibility tests and that’s it. So if you know of some things you think they should urgently […]

ChatBot reloaded

It was back in 1998 when Ryan Eatmon started coding on a Jabber channel bot (in Perl). For quite some time now no changes have been made to the code. As it would be really a shame to see this beautiful piece of software disappear in accordance with Ryan I decided to take over development […]

UIN hijacked

Seems like some asshole hijacked my good old ICQ UIN. RIP! ICQ sux anyway, use Jabber!

lights on!

Thanks to Sam Revitch I got the webcam of my sony vaio sz2 working! Makes me feeling happy. 🙂

Hello world!

Bringing you flowers and hopefully some insights of what I’m coding and why. Check back for updates! 😉