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Nagios Plugin to monitor BOSH services

Enjoy! #!/usr/bin/perl -w # # check_bosh plugin for nagios # # usage: # check_bosh -U url -H host # # Check if bosh service running at specified address # # initial version: 3 May 2000 by Truongchinh Nguyen and Karl DeBisschop # # current status: $Revision: 1196 $ # # Copyright Notice: GPL # $Id: […]

JSDebugger now with copyright and license

Just a short note that I released a new version of JSDebugger containing the usual legalese (Copyright and GPL).

Debugger v0.4 is out

I’m pleased to announce version 0.4 of the JavaScript Debugg Logger. This one logs messages asynchronously thus it’s impact an runtime issues with the code to be debugged are minimized. Have phun!

JavaScript Debug Logger v0.3 released

I just released version 0.3 of my sweet and tiny JavaScript Debug Logger which I’m using when hacking on JWChat to get a clue what’s going on inside my app more easily. Moreover I took the time and created a dedicated download page for it at this place. Enjoy!