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Better late than never: new features a facebook like button plus a flattr button. So if you like the service here’s your chance to let us know! 😀

new server for

I’ve just ordered a new server for as the old machine is running out of resources. As of this I’ll be moving services from one host to the new one within the next days so you might notice short periods of service downtimes. I’ll keep you up2date on this as soon as possible.

JWChat’s homepage moved

Another short note: Just finished moving all the content previously hosted at to this blog as Hope this will make it easier for me to maintain content and keep you up2date.

blog moved – wordpress downgrade considered harmful

Today I moved my blog away from IN-Berlin e.V. to my own server as I got frustrated by all those wordpress upgrades necessary lately. So maybe you might want to update your bookmarks. The new location is On my private server I’m hosting debian’s default wordpress package which should get security updates automatically, thus […]