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Dockered kaiwa image

Kaiwa is a modern web based client for XMPP, forked from the original O-Talk project and rebranded. I’ve created a docker image from the fork at which is used at amongst others. The docker image can be found at I’ve also created a docker image of the node-xmpp-bosh component that can easily […] Updates

I have been working a lot on my XMPP service at recently. The idea was to bring you more security, privacy and modern features. In detail what has changed: Use letsencrypt to automatically create and renew SSL certificates for all domains hosted (, and currently). Updated DB-Schema to be able to support […]

Migrate ejabberd DB schema (mysql) from 2.1.x

Hiya! Long time no see. So I was upgrading my beloved ejabberd a while back and when I looked closer I found that most of the new functionality just wouldn’t work. Mostly because my ejabberd’s DB schema dating back to some 2.1.x install didn’t fit anymore. So but how to upgrade? After playing weird ideas […] now with like button

Better late than never: new features a facebook like button plus a flattr button. So if you like the service here’s your chance to let us know! 😀

jabber services back online

Glad to announce that all core services of are back online now. If you’re still experiencing problems let me know! is running on ejabberd-2.0.1 now. Amongst otherst this means you can dive deep into the world of refreshing PEP experience. Also there is a new SSL certificate now. The old one had expired […]

work in progress…

Some status update: Moving’s services from one host to another appears to be a lot more time intense as I first thought. Currently I’m about to import roster data to the new mysql db which seems to take hours. Finally I managed to get the websites back in partial but there’s still a lot […]

new server for

I’ve just ordered a new server for as the old machine is running out of resources. As of this I’ll be moving services from one host to the new one within the next days so you might notice short periods of service downtimes. I’ll keep you up2date on this as soon as possible. updated to fix problems with FF3

Just had an update of to the latest version from CVS. Problems with Firefox3 not working correctly should be gone now. Please make reports here if you’re still discovering any issues!

pyicq in da house

Today I replaced the good ol’ JIT Jabber ICQ Transport with PyICQ-t. JIT seems to fail for recent updates to the ICQ protocol and there seems to be no updates to fix the issues. So I decided to give PyICQ another try. Let’s hope it doesn’t eat up too much of our beloved resources (RAM, […]