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Dockered tinyproxy for dev environment

The other day I was looking for a solution to replace my Charles based proxy setup for our legacy system’s dev environment. Mostly because a colleague doesn’t have a license and didn’t want to pay for it. And we’re only using it for a single use case. The functionality they call “Map Remote”. Basically it […] Updates

I have been working a lot on my XMPP service at recently. The idea was to bring you more security, privacy and modern features. In detail what has changed: Use letsencrypt to automatically create and renew SSL certificates for all domains hosted (, and currently). Updated DB-Schema to be able to support […]

blogsport in trouble

Due to increasing traffic at blogsport my server hosting this service ran into trouble more and more as it’s got not enough RAM as an increasing number of apache processes kept eating it up. Sure I just could have spent some money into new hardware but this seemed not to be adequate to me as […]