Dockered kaiwa image

Kaiwa is a modern web based client for XMPP, forked from the original O-Talk project and rebranded. I’ve created a docker image from the fork at which is used at amongst others.

The docker image can be found at

I’ve also created a docker image of the node-xmpp-bosh component that can easily be bundled with kaiwa to create a standalone application. You can use docker-compose and a docker-compose.yml like this:

version: '2'
image: sstrigler/node-xmpp-bosh
- 5280:5280
restart: always

image: sstrigler/kaiwa
- bosh
- 8000:8000
restart: always

The existing images for node-xmpp-bosh are based on rather large images, that’s why I created my own and based it on node:alpine to save a bit of disc space.

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