Random Rant on Ubuntu/Linux

Dear Ubuntu or whom it might concern,

I understand or lets say, I’ve learned after a fresh install your default email client is thunderbird. Lets rather call it a strong suggestion instead of default cause default would mean you could seamlessly switch away from it. Which you can’t. Anyway. At the same time I discovered that thunderbird does not support any calenders or management of such and as such it does not support the calendar widget in your taskabar. Something I really like and want to see on my desktop. You know, I like it when my computer reminds me of things I could easily forget otherwise. Ok. I switched to evolution because of that. And also it’s kind of advertised as a possible replacement of thunderbird. And also I’ve been using it. Years ago. My calendar works now. Thanks for that. But evolution is not able to set Emails to read when they come with an attachment. Or sth evolutions thinks is an attachment. Lets not get too much into details here. How hard can it be to deploy a decent solution here? You know, we’re talking about fundamental things here. But you don’t even get the WindowManager right. Or at least stable. So why am I even complaining?

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