JSJaC v1.3.4 bugfix release

Unfortunately the last version of JSJaC (v1.3.3) released just some days ago contained some serious bugs regarding handling of xmlns attributes and namespaces correctly. It was introduced by a fix for IE9 which caused other browsers to fail. So if you’re using JSJaC v1.3.3 and your app deals with accessing elements identified by namespaces you’re strongly encouraged to update in order to avoid heavy brain damage.

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  1. ari
    Comment by ari | 2012/07/27 at 00:37:26

    tks a lot!!!

  2. ari
    Comment by ari | 2012/09/21 at 15:11:29

    This is great! You are the man!

    Please, is there any documentation or initial guide to use it?

    Tks a lot!

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