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bosh speed tests

Now with the newly announced node-xmpp-bosh (NXB) my first tests left me with the impression that this thing is pretty speedy to what I am used to. So I decided to do some quick benchmarks on different implementations of BOSH. I did these tests on my desktop (some intel core 2 duo with 2,4 GHz […]

JSJaC v1.3.4 bugfix release

Unfortunately the last version of JSJaC (v1.3.3) released just some days ago contained some serious bugs regarding handling of xmlns attributes and namespaces correctly. It was introduced by a fix for IE9 which caused other browsers to fail. So if you’re using JSJaC v1.3.3 and your app deals with accessing elements identified by namespaces you’re […]

JSJaC 1.3.3: Grab it while it’s hot!

Thought it’s about time to release all the little fixes and patches I’ve collected over the years for JSJaC and here it is: JSJaC 1.3.3! Along with innumerable bug fixes it contains fixes for IE 9 and two new functions which allow to implement your own data store when suspending or resuming a BOSH session. […] now with like button

Better late than never: new features a facebook like button plus a flattr button. So if you like the service here’s your chance to let us know! 😀