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JSJaC inherit

When integrating a web chat (like JWChat) into your existing community most likely you don’t want to have your users sign in a second time just for the chat. A possible solution to this problem domain is to let your web server handle BOSH session instantiation and xmpp authentication. Once successfull you can pass the […]

dojo vs. isArray

Some days ago a spent many hours to fix a somewhat broken toJson output from dojo. I’ve been copying around an array between different frames and ended up having an object instead of an array as it should be. Seems Ajaxian has a solution to this array bug now. So please dojo could you please […]

ejabberd memory leak

If your ejabberd seems to leak memory it might result out of this bug in erlang’s mnesia database. You can easily find out by starting a remote shell to your running ejabberd and whatch results for the following command: lists:foldl(fun(Tab, Acc) -> ets:info(Tab, memory) * 8 + Acc end, 0, ets:all()). The bug is fixed […]

ejabberd mysql drivers for debian and ubuntu

Debian (and ubuntu) packages for ejabberd don’t contain drivers for mysql. If you want to connect your ejabberd to mysql you need to get those drivers separately from the external ejabberd modules repository and compile them on your own. For convenience I’ve built a debian package containing the precompiled modules: ejabberd-mysql-20090114_1-2_all.deb Note: this package is […]