JWChat 1.0

After releasing JSJaC and MUCkl today I’m proud to announce another long awaited release: JWChat v1.0. JWChat is a web based yet full fledged jabber client. It supports most modern browsers like MSIE 6 and 7, Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3.x, Opera, Safari and many more.
Just like meebo you can do instant messaging with a variety of different networks by use of jabber transports. JWChat also has full support for MUC built in which lets you take part at groupchats.
There is a demo site at http://jwchat.org where you can give it a first try. Downloads can be found at http://blog.jwchat.org/jwchat/download/.

I appologize that there is no war file for this release yet. I’ll try to upload one ASAP but I have to fix my tomcat setup here first.

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