JSJaC v1.3.2 released

A new release of JSJaC is available. JSJaC is a jabber/xmpp library for web based clients written in JavaScript. It supports BOSH and HTTP Polling for connecting to a jabber server. This release mainly fixes issues with Firefox 3.

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  1. Comment by Maty | 2008/12/16 at 09:15:46

    the changelog file in the download zip file has only details on the changes in version 1.3.1. could you please provide some details on the changes between 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 (looking at the trac system, i see only one closed issue for this version)?

  2. Comment by Steve | 2008/12/16 at 20:25:21

    Maty, it’s really just minor bug fixed plus what was needed to make jsjac work with firefox 3. If you need to get the full picture have a look at


  3. Comment by alex hu | 2010/01/03 at 07:29:42

    Sir, I need your help!

    I integrated jwchat into our web application. when the user log in, he/she will be connected to our openfire server automatically through jwchat(I customized it). here is the issue: after the users get connected, I saw bunch of http-bind POST calls every 2-3 seconds from user browsers to our apache server(there is web proxy configured in the apache server to forward requests to our openfire server). Now after we deploy to production. our server crashed. they think this frequent http-bind calls flooded in to apache server and killed our server.

    I searched the Internet, never see any discussion regarding whether or not this http-bind POST calls will kill the servers. is there any steps I possibly doing wrong?

    we have at most 2000 concurrent users, is there anyway we can solve it, either by changing our implementation or configuration or upgrade our server hardware architecture.

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