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JWChat 1.0

After releasing JSJaC and MUCkl today I’m proud to announce another long awaited release: JWChat v1.0. JWChat is a web based yet full fledged jabber client. It supports most modern browsers like MSIE 6 and 7, Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3.x, Opera, Safari and many more. Just like meebo you can do instant messaging with a […]

MUCkl 0.4.4 is out

A new release of MUCkl is available. MUCkl is a lightweight spin off project of JWChat. It offers web based access to Jabber/XMPP groupchats/conferences based on the MUC protocol without having to register for a jabber account (just enter your nickname and off you go!). This release mainly fixes support for Firefox 3 plus some […]

JSJaC v1.3.2 released

A new release of JSJaC is available. JSJaC is a jabber/xmpp library for web based clients written in JavaScript. It supports BOSH and HTTP Polling for connecting to a jabber server. This release mainly fixes issues with Firefox 3.