jabber services back online

Glad to announce that all core services of jwchat.org are back online now. If you’re still experiencing problems let me know!

jwchat.org is running on ejabberd-2.0.1 now. Amongst otherst this means you can dive deep into the world of refreshing PEP experience.
Also there is a new SSL certificate now. The old one had expired so I grabbed a new one over there at xmpp.net. Please note that the CA has changed. The certificates are issued by StartCom now.
Additionally to x-berg.de and muckl.org I’ve added a new vhost for open-im.com. Feel free to register there. Currently there’s no dedicated SSL certificate configured for it yet but I hope to change this soon.

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  1. AG
    Comment by AG | 2008/12/11 at 05:30:02

    Hi, I’ve been using your msn transport with psi for a month. It worked fine for me until you changed the server, since then I can’t connect to msn through my gmail account. I would really appreciate your help in solving this problem. Thanks.

  2. Comment by Steve | 2008/12/16 at 20:19:33

    AG, are there still issues? Things seem to be working fine for me.
    Please note that you’ll have to re-register at the MSN transport because I wasn’t able to import the old contact date (for unknown reason).

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