blog moved – wordpress downgrade considered harmful

Today I moved my blog away from IN-Berlin e.V. to my own server as I got frustrated by all those wordpress upgrades necessary lately. So maybe you might want to update your bookmarks. The new location is

On my private server I’m hosting debian’s default wordpress package which should get security updates automatically, thus I’m fine.
Unfortunately I had been using WordPress as of version 2.3.3 while this one is still at 2.0.x and that makes importing my old data a pain in the ass. I’ve written a small perl script which maybe could be of help for you too if you should need a downgrade of wordpress too (I guess it should work with wordpress 2.5.x, 2.6.x also):

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  1. Comment by Peritus | 2008/09/03 at 15:57:55

    Next step: move your code to 😉

  2. Comment by Steve | 2008/09/03 at 16:09:08


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