jwchat.org updated to fix problems with FF3

Just had an update of jwchat.org to the latest version from CVS. Problems with Firefox3 not working correctly should be gone now. Please make reports here if you’re still discovering any issues!

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  1. Comment by John Lunney | 2008/06/25 at 13:31:08

    Seems to be saying “Service Unavailable” whenever I try to connect to gmail.com…

  2. Comment by Steve | 2008/06/25 at 13:50:44

    Ouch 🙁

    That’s a problem with the servlet which fails resolving gmail’s DNS SRV records correctly. As a quick fix please open the ‘more options’ pane at the login screen and enter ‘talk1.l.google.com’ as connect host.

  3. Comment by Steve | 2008/06/25 at 16:13:44

    Problems should be fixed now. Had to fix a small bug at JabberHTTPBind, it’s available as release 1.1.1 now.

  4. Comment by Jason | 2008/07/03 at 10:53:15

    I am trying to use the firefox 3 to send message to Psi jabber client, it failed!! but IE7 works well!!
    So the problem still exist

  5. Comment by Jason | 2008/07/03 at 10:55:35

    in the jwchat.org create two account, one account login in JWchat in a Firefox3 other login in Psi (the Jabber client), Psi can send message to JWChat but JWChat can not send to PSI

    this is really big big bug, any solution please help me, thank you very much

  6. Comment by Vadim Berezniker | 2008/07/11 at 09:24:45

    I installed CVS version of jwchat today, but sent messages are still not showing up at the recipient.

  7. Comment by Wielkiebe | 2008/07/22 at 11:34:33

    For me, still don’t work with ff3 :/

  8. Comment by pablo | 2008/08/17 at 00:24:45

    I’ve noticed that in your ejabberd http-bind module you don’t allow the client to mix messages.
    If a client sends two messages with rid and rid+1 and the order is mixed in the way to the server you end the session.

    The error report:
    =ERROR REPORT==== 2008-08-03 16:59:55 ===
    ** State machine terminating
    ** Last message in was {‘$gen_sync_all_state_event’,
    ** When State == loop
    ** Data == {state,”56bf251ff0aa097abc4647cf72407444e55787bb”,838862408,
    ** Reason for termination =
    ** {{badmatch,[]},

    Does my diagnose sound reasonable to you?

    I wonder if in jsjac you use some kind of timeout to ensure that this situation won’t happen.

  9. Comment by Steve | 2008/08/27 at 10:51:26

    Pablo, what you see here unfortunately is an exception within in ejabberd’s http-bind module not a correct termination of the session.
    According to the specs of the BOSH protocol a session is to be terminated if a request id is not within a certain ‘window’ regarding the last successful/known request (should be +/- 2).

    JSJaC takes care automatically to not mix requests but as with http you can’t tell for sure when/if a request arrives at the server, thus if two concurrent requests allowed there might be a situation where the one with the higher request id could be seen first by the server. it’s got to wait then for the older request to arrive and bring them into correct order.

  10. Comment by pablo | 2008/08/31 at 02:13:00


    I’ve made a test and sent packets with id in the wrong order and got the same error in the log as in my previous post so I’m sure this is the cause.

    I understand that JSJAC can’t make sure requests arrive at the correct order to the server and the server should wait for the older request.
    Are you saying that this is should be already implemented in ejabberd?

    Do I need to define the ‘hold’ attribute or something else when I connect to ejabberd using a client?

    Do you have any idea what can cause the exception from my previous post and how to fix it?

  11. Comment by satheesh | 2008/09/18 at 07:08:43


    i am using jsjac.it is working fine with IE and FF2.but not working in FF3.anybody have the sollution ?

  12. Comment by Steve | 2008/09/18 at 08:11:26

    Which version of JSJaC are you using? You need to use the latest from SVN. I’ll release a new tarball within the next days to fix these issues.

  13. Comment by Stan Brower | 2008/12/16 at 19:53:06

    I’m using FF3, but its still not working 🙁 , The message still isn’t showing up at the other side.

  14. Comment by Steve | 2008/12/16 at 20:27:08

    Well sorry, I don’t know what might be wrong, but it’s all working just fine here.

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