JWChat v1.0beta3 released

Amongst some bugfixes and updated/new translations this release contains the latest version of JSJaC (v1.2).
The bundled war file now comes with the latest version of JabberHTTPBind (v1.1) too.

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  1. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/21 at 16:55:34

    Just committed auto-login code… 😉 But maybe even better that it is not included in this release as it might be not well tested….

  2. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/21 at 17:07:37

    I’ll try to update jwchat.org within the next days with the latest code from CVS then we’ll get more feedback 🙂

  3. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/21 at 17:17:23

    Good idea, the latest JWChat will be also available on Tigase website with auto-login turned on.

  4. Comment by Stephane K. | 2007/10/15 at 16:43:38

    Hey, it now works with Konqueror! (version 3.5.7 / Fedora 7 here), happy about this as it is much more snappy than in Firefox.

    Well done!

  5. Comment by Bill | 2007/12/01 at 12:45:15

    MUC doesn’t seem to work properly in that when you join a conference the topic and other info such as user is not populated. You do appear to be able to chat when in there.

    Safari works (kind) of from the iphone but not from a desktop (windows) install – never connects.

  6. Comment by Andrés Caro | 2008/02/02 at 00:23:49

    i have JWChat v1.0beta3 installed with Openfire 3.41, users can login the IM system but search function doesn´t work. I can see my buddy list but i can´t add new contacts, the search button open the installed Search function in Openfire, but Search returns and error.

    Openfire 3.4.1 uses and update search plugin that seems to work erratically, but i can´t confirm the problem is the Search Plugin because this works OK with Pandion, coccinella and othe Chat clients…

    I hope you can fix it soon. Jwchat works great with our IM Server from close networks (networks with firewall that blocks java clients, proxys, etc..).

    I also hope you can add a File transfer function soon…

    Thank you.

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