JWChat in sync with latest JSJaC

Thanks to fh JWChat from CVS is now up2date with JSJaC. Also he was kind enough to fix various of the old and outstanding bugs and to clean up our trackers at sourceforge. Thanks a lot Florian!

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  1. Comment by Aadaam | 2007/09/18 at 17:48:24

    CVS is NO up2date or CVS is NOW up2date?

    Does matter…

  2. Comment by Martin | 2007/09/18 at 20:10:06

    is NOW up2date???

  3. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/18 at 21:17:54

    Where is the code for JWChat? Have you released new package for it?

  4. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/19 at 07:55:57

    Thanks Aadaam, thanks Martin 🙂

    Arthur, there’s no release yet, the fixes are in CVS only. When I’ve got spare time I’ll do a new release.

  5. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/19 at 12:02:20

    Hm, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

    I have installed last beta version at address: http://jwchat.tigase.org/ and it works not too bad.

    When I installed jwchat from CVS from sourceforge with JSJaC v1.2 taken from: http://zeank.in-berlin.de/download/jsjac-1.2.tar.gz it just stopped working.
    Is there anything special I should to with the version?

  6. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/19 at 12:23:22

    Artur, are you sure, you installed JWChat from CVS correctly? Did you do a “make”?

  7. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/19 at 12:37:37

    Well, I am not 100% sure. I just followed this instruction: http://jwchat.cvs.sourceforge.net/jwchat/jwchat/README.CVS?revision=1.5&view=markup

    But tbh I am now thinking I might have a bug on the server side. Please ignore my request for now I will look at the server logs to find out what exactly is going on. Bosh implementation is very fresh in Tigase and might be buggy.

  8. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/19 at 12:42:16

    By the way. I made a few changes in the old version I have (the working one) to allow automatic logins.
    I would like to share the code and submit it to jwchat cvs. I wonder whether you are interested in patches or I could get submit rights to jwchat code repository….

  9. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/19 at 12:46:06

    One note: If you’re using jsjac from SVN too, you need to do make there too.

    About supplying patches: If you prefer direct access to CVS I can grant rights too. If you prefer sending patches that’s no problem too.

  10. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/19 at 12:51:46

    I used the tar.gz jsjac file published on site for my installation and didn’t run make inside jsjac.

    Well, actually I would like to make more improvements in jwchat code if possible so cvs access would be ideal solution. My SF id is “kobit”.

  11. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/19 at 13:12:54

    welcome on board 🙂

    maybe you want to subscribe to jwchat-devel in order to keep us up2date on what you’re doing

  12. Comment by Artur Hefczyc | 2007/09/19 at 13:41:21

    Thank you, sure, I will subscribe to jwchat-devel and let you know when I update the code. 🙂

  13. Comment by Sasha | 2007/10/11 at 10:27:30

    In the old version jsJac in class “JSJaCConnection” there was another handler of events “registerHandler”.
    In the documentation http: // zeank.in-berlin.de/jsjac-1.0/doc/ the description of old handler.
    Can you explain purpose of new arguments?
    Because, in new jwchat there were problems with processing some events “presence”

    eArg = {handler: arguments[arguments.length-1],
    childName: ‘*’,
    childNS: ‘*’,
    type: ‘*’};

    childName? childNS? type?

    I thank for your help.

  14. Comment by Steve | 2007/10/11 at 10:33:34

    Sasha, thanks for reporting. There’s a bug in jsjac that prevents it from handling presence correctly as can be seen here: http://trac.stefan-strigler.de/jsjac/trac.cgi/ticket/17
    I’ll need to release a new version of jwchat to contain thoses fixes.

  15. Comment by Jabberurr | 2007/11/04 at 16:41:50

    I tried installing JWChat beta 3 with tigase and openfire (Without using server’s built-in http bindnig) and it fails to authenticate. JWChat b2 as well as 2006 release works, though. Should this be related to jsjac?

  16. Comment by pavan | 2007/11/06 at 11:08:14

    I have installed last beta version at address: http://jwchat.tigase.org/ and deployed in tomcat5.5 but i’m not able to invite oters what’s the problem?

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