JSJaC v1.1 released

This release fixes some bugs and glitches with v1.0. Configuration variables are now uncompressed on top of the compressed single include ‘jsjac.js’ file. For original source files this has been moved to a separate file called ‘JSJaCConfig.js’.
All methods of JSJaCPacket and JSJaCConnection objects are now defined using the prototype property thus can be easily overwritten. Nice if you want to extend JSJaCMessage with Pubsub features e.g.:

JSJaCMessage.prototype.isPubSub = function() {
return (this.getChild('event', 'http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#event') == null);

Maybe contains some things more I forgot about. 🙂

Download as always from http://zeank.in-berlin.de/jsjac/

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  1. tdh
    Comment by tdh | 2007/11/08 at 05:31:14

    hello everybody:

    I used OPENFIRE server, it can support has been anonymous login.

    Does JSJAC in how to write anonymous login. .
    I now is that:

    oArgs = new Object();
    oArgs.domain = option.domain;
    // oArgs.username = option.username;
    // oArgs.pass =option.username;
    oArgs.resource = ‘Message_web ‘;

    oArgs.register = false;

    oArgs.authtype = “anonymous ” ;


    Such connecting servers will not do, had no access to OPENFIRE. . Is this why. .

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