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JWChat v1.0beta3 released

Amongst some bugfixes and updated/new translations this release contains the latest version of JSJaC (v1.2). The bundled war file now comes with the latest version of JabberHTTPBind (v1.1) too.

JWChat in sync with latest JSJaC

Thanks to fh JWChat from CVS is now up2date with JSJaC. Also he was kind enough to fix various of the old and outstanding bugs and to clean up our trackers at sourceforge. Thanks a lot Florian!

JSJaC v1.2

Today I released JSJaC v1.2. New with this release are a set of functions to make coding easier like packet.errorReply, iq.reply, con.registerIQSet/Get and con.sendIQ. Events are able to bubble now from closest matching handler to most generic handler and of course bubbling of events can now be stopped. I’ve also added a copy of JSDoc […]

JSJaC: Bugfix release 1.1.1

Some nifty bug with building the single include ‘jsjac.js’ prevented v1.1 from being very useful thus I decided to release a fixed version 1.1.1 which contains a working copy of ‘jsjac.js’. Download as always: Thanks to Andrew Brehaut and BeF for reporting.

JSJaC v1.1 released

This release fixes some bugs and glitches with v1.0. Configuration variables are now uncompressed on top of the compressed single include ‘jsjac.js’ file. For original source files this has been moved to a separate file called ‘JSJaCConfig.js’. All methods of JSJaCPacket and JSJaCConnection objects are now defined using the prototype property thus can be easily […]