JSJaC v1.0 is out

I’m proud to announce the release of JSJaC v1.0, a JavaScript library for implementing web based Jabber/XMPP clients using either XMPP Over BOSH or the somewhat outdated HTTP Polling for communicating with Jabber servers.
New with this release is an integrated build system that generates a single, compressed file out of jsjac’s sources. Using jsdoc there’s a javadoc like documentation available now. The API has been extended slightly to support JSJaCJID objects for better dealing with JIDs. Powerfull methods like appendNode and buildNode have been added which let you create xml snippets much more easily than using the good old W3C DOM API. This has been adopted from script.aculo.us’ Builder collection. Support for HTTP Binding has been reworked to support the latest version of the renamed BOSH protocol especially to make use of the new ability to pause sessions as described at XEP-0124#Inactivity.

JSJaC can be downloaded from JSJaC’s project site (as always).

Important note for OpenFire users:
In order to make JSJaC work with OpenFire please edit src/JSJaCHttpBindingConnection.js and set JSJACHBC_USE_BOSH_VER to false. Don’t forget to update jsjac.js by issuing a make build afterwards if you want to use the single include file.
Additionally you may have to make sure that JSJaC uses NON SASL authentication. To do this make sure to pass the property authtype=’nonsasl’ to your call to connect. E.g.

oArgs.domain = 'example.org';
oArgs.username = 'romeo';
oArgs.resource = 'jsjac_simpleclient';
oArgs.pass = 'topSecret';
oArgs.authtype = 'nonsasl';

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  1. Comment by Andrew Nagy | 2007/09/07 at 22:15:40

    Congrats on the 1.0 Release. I think it would be very beneficial to have a listserv for this project. I would like to begin to develop a chat module for our website but have run into hurdles getting the JSJaC running. Maybe even a step by step how to on setting up a server with something like eJabberd and applying the JSJaC library to the jabber server.

  2. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/10 at 12:43:32

    Andrew, I think it’s just ok to use the official jdev mailinglist for questions regarding jsjac.

    To answer your question for a tutorial: You might want to have a look at http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/node/11. It’s related to JWChat but all things regarding server configuration etc. apply to JSJaC as well.

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