JWChat and OpenFire

A good tutorial on Making JWChat work with OpenFire. Thanks for posting!

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  1. Comment by Puspendu Banerjee | 2008/05/18 at 00:50:38

    JHB and JWChat is working fine with OpenFire 3.5.1 for first 5 minutes after login, then getting “Service Unavailable” error.

    My servlet Container(JBoss with Tomcat as Web Container) is showing:

    03:40:41,593 ERROR [STDERR] [Fatal Error] :1:30: The element type “doc” must be
    terminated by the matching end-tag “”.
    03:40:41,593 ERROR [STDERR] [2] terminating session ttmaI4Plued32QfLXdqpHOTZ

    Looking Forward for help.


  2. Comment by Brinley Ang | 2008/06/09 at 04:23:34

    I have gotten it working fine on 3.5.1

    Check out the following

    You may have missed out the bit about adding nonsasl and JSJACHBC_USE_BOSH_VER = false

  3. Comment by Puspendu Banerjee | 2008/06/24 at 10:03:51

    Hi All,

    The issue seems to be related with some encrypted(SASL) Authentication method.
    Try to enforce “PLAIN” text Authentication, It will not happen anymore.


  4. Comment by Balaji | 2008/07/12 at 16:43:26

    hi pushpendu,

    I am having problem in setting up the OpenFire 3.5.2 and JWChat, any special configuration need to be done with config.js file ?. Please advise the steps you have done to make it work.


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