We’re hiring …

Neu.de, an international dating community located at Cologne/Germany is looking for talented programmers. Currently we’re looking for a skilled JavaScript/AJAX coder preverably with some basic knowledge of Jabber/XMPP. You would join the team here in Berlin and help us improving and extending our integrated web based IM solution (which is based on JWChat/JSJaC).

Neu.de is one of the fastest growing dating sites in europe and its 5 million members make it also one of the most succesful portals. Neu.de is accessible in 100 countries and is served in 7 languages. Next to european countries like the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Poland neu.de is also present in Turkey and Russia.

Neu.de is part of the Media Ventures GmbH network, including the partner sites weg.de, mp3.de, pkw.de, blogg.de, mabber and the online marketing agency Orangemedia.de

In our development team we share a strong passion for “Web 2.0”. Many technologies and features of modern web applications are already implemented in neu.de. Following this principle our goal is to make neu.de a major player in social networking sites.

More Details can be downloaded here: Stellenausschreibung Software-Entwickler/-in JavaScript/AJAX, XMPP [german]

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  1. Joe
    Comment by Joe | 2007/08/02 at 00:30:35

    Who should i contact about the scalability of your server? What are your scalability goals?

  2. Comment by Steve | 2007/08/02 at 09:43:24

    Joe, we do not face problems concerning scalability at the moment. But if you want to have a talk nevertheless I’m the guy to contact to 🙂

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