ChatBot reloaded

It was back in 1998 when Ryan Eatmon started coding on a Jabber channel bot (in Perl). For quite some time now no changes have been made to the code. As it would be really a shame to see this beautiful piece of software disappear in accordance with Ryan I decided to take over development from now on. For this a trac environment has been set up to coordinate further development.
Along with this there’s a subversion repository where you can get the code.

In order to download ChatBot please do

svn co chatbot

So what’s new?

  • Some minor bug fixes (don’t crash on ‘join_channel’ command, fixed timers)
  • Crash handler for registered callbacks of plugins (plugins can’t crash ChatBot anymore)
  • New ‘plugin’ plugin that allows you to hot-deploy plugins (loading plugins whithout restarting) and enables hot code replacement (reload plugins if file changed)
  • A ‘feedreader’ plugin that, well you guessed it, allows to subscribe to feeds
  • An ‘ejabberdctl’ plugin to administrate ejabberd nodes from within chatbot (use with care!)
  • A ‘spool’ plugin that reads raw xml from a spool and sends it accross the wire (inspired by jabberd14’s spool feature)
  • even more plugins

What’s left to say? Have fun playing with ChatBot (just like I have)!

4 Responses to ChatBot reloaded


  1. Comment by otze | 2008/04/16 at 13:54:02 appears to be down. Do you know about an alternative download location for chatbot?

  2. Comment by Steve | 2008/04/16 at 18:03:17

    thanks, I’ll nudge our admins 😉

  3. Comment by otze | 2008/04/22 at 18:18:22

    Still down. 🙁

    Could you perhaps upload at least the most recent version somewhere else? Or send it to me per mail?

  4. Comment by Steve | 2008/04/22 at 19:21:44

    Hi, seems they are too busy to date. Here’s a fresh copy:

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