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XSS-Vulnerability in MUCkl v0.4.2 (and earlier)

Thanks to BeF we discovered (and fixed) a XSS vulnerability in MUCkl yesterday. Now there’s a new release of MUCkl (v0.4.3) available for you to download which fixes this issue (and some more bugs too). If you’re hosting an instance of MUCkl somewhere please upgrade!

JSJaC review

Some days ago I’ve started a new branch for JSJaC for an upcoming version 1.0. On my TODO for this version are things like Use JID objects throughout to make working with JIDs more comfortably Allow to extend IQ packets dynamically with generic getters/setters and stuff Make handling of IQs and callbacks more easily and […]

ChatBot reloaded

It was back in 1998 when Ryan Eatmon started coding on a Jabber channel bot (in Perl). For quite some time now no changes have been made to the code. As it would be really a shame to see this beautiful piece of software disappear in accordance with Ryan I decided to take over development […]