sending raw xml from within chatbot

Wrote a new ChatBot plugin today I thought I’d like to share with you. It enables you to send raw xml data with the help of a spool directory. Chatbot watches this directory. If it finds a file in there it sends its content accross the wire. Pretty handy for lots of stuff like interfacing with system monitors and so on.

Thanks to mawis who inspired me with this by having added sth. similar to jabberd14.


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  1. Comment by Pedro Melo | 2007/03/14 at 23:58:29

    ChatBot is hosted at JabberStudio.

    Peter annouced that JabberStudio will close March 26th. Is ChatBot your project? If so, you should probably move it to some other place.

    Cool plugin.

  2. Comment by Steve | 2007/03/15 at 12:20:14

    Hi, I know JabberStudio will be shut down soon. ChatBot is not my project. As it seems it’s unmaintained for a long time now so I’m afraid it might disappear together with JabberStudio. If this really should happen I’ll make it available here.

  3. Comment by kaiser | 2007/09/07 at 18:46:46

    Hi Steve,
    it seems, that most stuff on jabberstudio isn´t working or getting updates anymore. i´m on the search for a chatplugin and a chatbot for wordpress 2.2.2 … i would even be satisfied with some old alice or whatever. i saw that you use wp too, so i thought you might be some help to me …. ?? please! 😀

  4. Comment by Steve | 2007/09/10 at 12:40:08

    Sorry kaiser, guess I can’t be much of a help there. I don’t know what ‘alice’ is.

  5. Comment by kaiser | 2007/09/16 at 14:26:38

    Hi Steve, ‘alice’ is one of the older chatbots. the meaning of chat is in this case talking with a real person. alice is one with a plain textfile and learing from talking. she´s able to learn nearly every language (that´s what i read) and makes some nice conversion.

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