Archive for 2007/03

more public repositories

As promised I’ve made the subversion repositories for MUCkl and JabberHTTPBind publicly available today. They are located at and respectively. [EDIT] Trac instances are in place too now! Enjoy!

jsjac moved

As JabberStudio will be shut down soon I moved JSJaC’s homepage to a new location here at my blog. The official address now is Along with these changes I had to move JSJaC’s CVS repository to a new location too. It’s now hosted using subversion located at Last but not least there’s a […]

UIN hijacked

Seems like some asshole hijacked my good old ICQ UIN. RIP! ICQ sux anyway, use Jabber!

sending raw xml from within chatbot

Wrote a new ChatBot plugin today I thought I’d like to share with you. It enables you to send raw xml data with the help of a spool directory. Chatbot watches this directory. If it finds a file in there it sends its content accross the wire. Pretty handy for lots of stuff like interfacing […]

lights on!

Thanks to Sam Revitch I got the webcam of my sony vaio sz2 working! Makes me feeling happy. 🙂