jwchat and safari

Now that I found same spare time finally I tried using JWChat with Safari and to me surprise I discovered using the latest version of JSJaC it’s possible to log in and do some chatting with it. Unfortunately it crashes on various situations. And with crashing I mean that safari disappears immediately without any error message at all. Does someone have some advice for me on how to debug this? Any chance I can alter my code to avoid those crashes?

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  1. Comment by Jon Maber | 2007/01/19 at 17:53:59

    I’m currently integrating jwchat with Bodington (a virtual learning environment) on behalf of the University of Highlands and Islands Millenium Institute (Scotland). They have a number of users with Macs and are keen for chat functionality to work with Safari. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Safari and I don’t have a Mac but I would like to help in some way. For example, do you know any Safari experts who could help if given a little bit of funding?

  2. Comment by Steve | 2007/01/19 at 18:11:03

    No, I don’t. Today I squashed quite a bunch of bugs. I’ll try to release a snapshot of the current code within some days so that people interested can start testing on it and file open bugs. Maybe that helps…

  3. Flo
    Comment by Flo | 2007/01/20 at 17:23:14

    Maybe that’s not exactly helpful, but you can try http://www.webkit.org and see if that crashes as well and gives you valuable debug information.

  4. Comment by Steve | 2007/01/21 at 22:38:13

    Flo, thanks a lot. Didn’t know this project existed. It may be very helpful indeed!

  5. Comment by Jon Maber | 2007/01/23 at 14:07:57

    Well at least I can get my Safari using friends at UHI to report back bugs. Keep up the good work.

  6. Comment by konqueror addict | 2007/03/04 at 19:19:12

    Thanks for your efforts. I would LOVE to be able use MUCkl with konqueror (3.5.x).

    It should have similar problems as safari does, maybe even identical.

    There is no other nice MUC web client without java, so making it work might be big thing not only for mac users, but also for KDE users.

    If you are developing using another operating system, please get some linux live cd 🙂 Or install Linux anyway, you might love it.

    btw – when i am told taht my browser is not supported on main page by popup window, encoding is wrong and there is link to help.html which is not available (err 404).

  7. Comment by konqueror addict | 2007/03/04 at 19:30:59

    tip for konqueror debugging: http://www.konqueror.org/investigatebug/#js

    There is also some javascript debugger available (in konq. java/javascript configuration, turn on all warnings and debuger).

  8. jim
    Comment by jim | 2007/12/08 at 06:48:11

    I am going to look at this in safari, I find safari to be “mostly” compliant. and do my web development there.

    it will take a few days for me to get it all up and running and assuming that jabber now works in Ubuntu feisty… it should all be a go…

    please stay tuned… your project is the code I almost wrote for a similar project… so it seems best we work it out together.

    BTW the Demo seems not to allow login by Konquerer…


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