jsjac-0.6 released

Some days ago I released jsjac v0.6. From the changelog:

* Support for Opera, Konqueror and Safari.
* Support for suspend/resume (makes it possible to save the state between
page transitions.
* Single include by JSJaC.js
* Many bugfixes and improvements concerning reliability.
* API change! Params to constructors and connect methods are now passed as
JSON objects.
* New event ‘status_changed’ to signal if sth going on with the status of
the connection (like errors, retries and so on)

Download at JabberStudio’s file section (due to a bug you might have to follow this link twice).

3 Responses to jsjac-0.6 released


  1. Comment by Sabine Dinis Blochberger | 2007/01/31 at 11:50:29

    Dear Steve,

    can you provide some hints, how the API changes affect JwChat?

    I am trying to use the simpleclient.html to adapt it, but it’s not really working. Thanks in advance.

  2. Comment by Steve | 2007/02/01 at 23:39:15

    Uhm, latest versions (from CVS) of JWChat work fine with jsjac. The API changes affect only the constructors and connect methods which require a JSON object as parameter which collects all settings now instead of a bunch of parameters.

  3. Comment by Sabine Dinis Blochberger | 2007/02/02 at 11:42:18

    Ah, ok 🙂 It was less complicated than I anticipated then. I will get the latest from cvs then. Thanks!

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