jwchat.org migrated to ejabberd

Today I migrated jwchat.org from good old jabberd-1.4.3 to ejabberd-1.1.2 for various reasons. First and foremost because ejabberd is easier to manage and because I’m developing components for ejabberd myself. All services are back online again and hopefully working fine.
If you’ve got any problems connecting or using services at jwchat.org please drop me a line!

In order to make things easier I plan to shutdown as many external services as possible within the next few weeks. Thus I’ll be replacing JabberHTTPBind with ejabberd’s internal http binding module, MabberMessageLogger with mod_logmnesia and removing all transports as there are enough jabber servers out there offering such services at a much more professional level then I can.

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  1. Comment by Gusto | 2006/10/18 at 20:19:08

    Hi, Steve. Are you patching ejabberd 1.1.2 for http binding or is it already supported in that version. I’m having some difficulty deciding what to use for a new jabber implementation: jabberhttpbind, yawspack, or maybe patch the latest ejabberd if one exists.



  2. Comment by Steve | 2006/10/19 at 15:02:50

    JWChat.org’s ejabberd does not have http binding currently. I’m still using my JabberHTTPBind servlet. There is no patch for http binding to ejabberd-1.1.2 that applies correctly at the moment, but I’ll release one ASAP (I’m busy working on other things).

  3. Comment by ramesh | 2007/12/17 at 08:28:52

    hi ,

    i am new to jwchat and ejabberd, i placed the jwchat in apache which is runnig on windows platform,
    but i am unable to contact with the ejabberd server running on the same machine ,
    jwchat is accepting any name and showing as if it has logged in , but i am unable to see the online users on ejabbered web admin console , can any body please reply me with valuable suggestions


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