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MUCkl Tutorials

I’m very glad to announce the availability of two new tutorials regarding MUCkl: Installer MUCKl EJabberd [french]. An english translation is available at Install MUCkl – Multi-User Chat Web Frontend. MUCkl Utilisation [french only]

JabberHTTPBind-0.4 released

A new version of JabberHTTPBind is available (incl. sources as requested). Amongst numerous bugfixes it contains patches from Guus der Kinderen to support DNS ‘SRV’ records and honours a ‘route’ attribute when creating new sessions as defined by latest versions of XEP-0124. migrated to ejabberd

Today I migrated from good old jabberd-1.4.3 to ejabberd-1.1.2 for various reasons. First and foremost because ejabberd is easier to manage and because I’m developing components for ejabberd myself. All services are back online again and hopefully working fine. If you’ve got any problems connecting or using services at please drop me a […]