Accidently stumpled upon this: Bombus is a J2ME application implementing a full fledgded jabber client. Amongst others it supports SSL, conferencing and privacy lists. I’m really deeply impressed. If you can, give it a try!
Site is in Russian unfortunately (if you don’t happen to speak Russian). Download page is here: Bombus Download. You’ll find your way! 😉

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  1. Comment by manatorg | 2006/08/26 at 13:15:27

    Do you know which license this project is?

  2. Comment by Steve | 2006/08/27 at 17:21:36

    Seems as it’s some modified BSD-License:

  3. Comment by petteri | 2006/08/28 at 22:35:25

    Is the actual software also in Russian. or is it usable to western like me?

  4. Comment by Steve | 2006/08/31 at 10:53:06

    It’s got an english speaking UI by default 😉

  5. Comment by Rince | 2006/10/26 at 00:36:21

    I tried Bombus on the new p990i. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to connect to nor (correct) to a just-for-fun installed jabberd at my home system. Any hint where I can find some kind of debugging? I don’t speak a word russian so I can not look into any documentation offered at their website 😉

  6. Comment by Steve | 2006/11/07 at 11:34:19

    Rince, I’m sorry but I can’t help here.

  7. h
    Comment by h | 2007/01/17 at 19:41:26

    @rince: same problem here. we need an translater 🙂

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