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MUCkl-0.4.2 is out

A new version of MUCkl, the web-based groupchat application, is available. Amongst some bug fixes this version contains a new feature that allows locking out users for a given period of time. If a user is being kicked from a room he’s not able to rejoin for 1 minute. You can change this period by […]

I love it

gnurps ~ # emerge -uD –newuse world […] !!! Security Violation: A file exists that is not in the manifest. !!! File: files/awk/fixlafiles.awk-no_gcc_la gnurps ~ #

blogsport in trouble

Due to increasing traffic at blogsport my server hosting this service ran into trouble more and more as it’s got not enough RAM as an increasing number of apache processes kept eating it up. Sure I just could have spent some money into new hardware but this seemed not to be adequate to me as […]