Introducing MUCkl

Some days ago I announced a new project of mine officially here:
[jdev] introducing MUCkl, a web-based groupchat application

From the post:

now that there is some fresh air regarding implementions of SASL Anonymous I decided to officially announce a new project I started some months ago.

MUCkl is a web-based application for groupchats which aims to be very
easy to use (supply a nick and hit the button…). It’s being derived
from JWChat thus it’s based on JSJaC, which has been enhanced to support
SASL Anonymous (well at least it works with a patch that’s available for
ejabberd and that is said to be included with the next official

If you want to take a look please direct your Firefox or MSIE *shiver*
to and have fun. A tarball containing all required sources is available at

Of course one of the reason I’m writing here is because I’m looking for
people interested in contributing to this project. As you might have
noticed there’s no (official) project page yet, there are no docs (well,
a small README) and of course there could be much more code (I’ve got a
lot of ideas for this app…). So if you really like this piece of
software and the ideas behind it maybe you could find some time to help
out or join forces? Let me know!

In any case, your feedback is very welcome!

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    Woehoew, toch nog een nieuw speeltje erbij! De Jabber miserie van gisteren is deels opgelost. Surf maar eens naar om het uit te proberen. Op het eerste zicht lijkt dit een doodeenvoudige ouderwetse chat te zijn. Maar …

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