go, mabber, go!

mabber finally is ready for public beta testing. I’ve been working on this project as a freelancer for the last 4 months, so you won’t be too much surprised to hear that it’s based on JWChat, will you? Anyway, if you want an invitation just drop me a line (you need an invitation in order to register)!

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  1. Comment by Javier | 2006/02/03 at 11:08:51

    Could you send me a invitation please? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Comment by Wolfgang | 2006/02/03 at 12:25:41

    line dropped.

    An invitation would realy be great. Thanks in advance.

  3. Comment by Steve | 2006/02/03 at 13:24:59

    Wolfgang, as it seems you’ve got an invitation in the meantime already, is that correct?

  4. Comment by Joerg Battermann | 2006/02/06 at 01:22:27

    Hello there ๐Ÿ™‚

    an invitation would be great!

    all the best,

  5. Comment by Avenger | 2006/02/06 at 07:10:39

    This looks like a really cool project. I’ve been looking for a web interface to jabber that would work on mobiles. I’d really appreciate an invitation.


  6. Comment by yarlson | 2006/02/06 at 18:22:28

    It looks like a great project! I realy need an invite! please!

  7. Comment by Ruben | 2006/02/06 at 21:46:56

    Would you be so kind to send me an mabber invitation? Thanx a lot! Ruben

  8. Comment by xergio | 2006/02/07 at 01:20:46

    I’ve insterest in test mabber, it sounds good… mmm… can you send me an invitation…?

    Thank you very much in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Comment by freeter | 2006/02/07 at 06:22:36

    Great, could you please send me an invitation?? Thanks in advance.

  10. Comment by re_ne | 2006/02/08 at 21:33:37

    plz, send me invite too =)

  11. Comment by tablada | 2006/02/10 at 21:02:39

    please, send me an invitation. Want to try.

  12. Comment by Brian | 2006/02/10 at 21:42:43


  13. Comment by bulfinch | 2006/02/11 at 11:02:48

    invite me plz~

  14. Comment by telefan | 2006/02/11 at 14:52:38

    pls also send me a registe token. I think mobile java client is a difference from others . thanks.

  15. Bob
    Comment by Bob | 2006/02/12 at 04:20:53

    could you send this nerd of a canadian an invite please ….yes we canadians do have computers lol
    thanks in advance

  16. Comment by Painten | 2006/02/12 at 10:07:53

    Looks great, could u send me an invitation, please?

  17. Comment by neil | 2006/02/12 at 17:50:52

    really really looking forward to this, an invite would be really appreciated!

  18. Comment by Dinesh Cyanam | 2006/02/13 at 00:05:44

    I would really like to try mabber out….Can I get an invitation plz?

    TQ ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Comment by softwind | 2006/02/13 at 07:48:09

    hi! I am from China,
    so nice of you could send invitation to me ,
    thanks a lot!

  20. Comment by Josh Treadwell | 2006/02/14 at 01:14:17

    I’d love an invite! Mabber looks amazing. Guess it’s time to wait in the cattle train…

  21. Comment by jeanbamin | 2006/02/15 at 10:54:20

    Could you send me a invitation please?

  22. Comment by Billy Jackson | 2006/02/15 at 11:53:49

    Wanna try this, i’ll be greatful if anyone send an invitation to me!

  23. JC
    Comment by JC | 2006/02/15 at 20:16:57

    Me tooooo me toooo, pleeeeaaaaase ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. Comment by john | 2006/02/15 at 20:37:34

    hey it would be great if you can send me an invitation
    thanks a lot

  25. Comment by Alex | 2006/02/17 at 18:21:23

    Would you be so kind pease?

  26. Comment by todd | 2006/02/18 at 20:11:27

    I’d love to give Mabber a run… thanks!!

  27. Comment by davide | 2006/02/19 at 17:16:37

    if you have some invites, can you send me one? thanks.

  28. Ash
    Comment by Ash | 2006/02/20 at 16:20:11

    Please sent me an invitation…..
    Sems cool..

  29. Comment by charles Liebert | 2006/02/23 at 12:51:10

    Hi steve,

    I’ll be very happy to get a token for Mabber as I’m gonna test (before public release) the P990I.

    If mabber works on the Uber-smartphone, I’ll make sure that Mabber is the Nร‚ยฐ1 solution advised in France for this Phone users.

    thanks for your help.


    PS : i’m not a marketing or sales guy, just a geek fond of a mobile techno ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Comment by deepsix | 2006/02/23 at 15:06:57


    Can someone invite me plz ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    best regards

  31. Comment by Nick | 2006/02/24 at 12:18:21

    would appreciate an invite sounds terrific!!

  32. JS
    Comment by JS | 2006/02/25 at 11:06:19

    please send me an invitation,thanks.

  33. Comment by Alberto | 2006/02/25 at 11:13:14

    Hi, Steve:
    Iร‚ยดm interested about experimenting with Mabber on social networking and… well, so many things.
    Can you send me an invitation, please?

  34. Comment by nater | 2006/02/25 at 20:22:08

    mabber looks awesome. I would love to try it out – could you please send me a token?


  35. Comment by Zaslowe | 2006/02/25 at 22:19:18

    I’d love a token if you have anymore. Thanks!

  36. Comment by jared | 2006/02/26 at 18:09:14

    i’d like to try out the mobile freature, any more tokens laying around?

  37. Comment by arvind s grover | 2006/02/27 at 21:45:32

    I would love to try it out…

  38. Comment by Eugene | 2006/02/28 at 14:24:39

    heard many good thing about Mabber…
    i’d like try it out. please send me an invitation if you have still have it…

  39. Jul
    Comment by Jul | 2006/02/28 at 16:51:27

    I’d like an invitation please to try mabber.
    And by the way, thanks for your work on this project ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Comment by rupali | 2006/03/03 at 12:30:04

    need a invitation…looks gr8…

    thnkx in advance

  41. Comment by kris | 2006/03/03 at 18:37:34

    If you still have any left – I would love an invite and token for mabber.com.

  42. Comment by Travis | 2006/03/04 at 01:26:01

    Consider this line dropped ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’d love one. panickedthumb at gmail dot com

    I’ve been researching all these new web 2.0 projects for an article I’m writing, and this is one of the coolest yet.

  43. Comment by rupali | 2006/03/04 at 09:04:42

    i’d like an invitaiton to try mabber

    thnkx in advance

  44. Comment by Jose Peleteiro | 2006/03/06 at 19:10:10

    Please, I really want an invitation. Please!

  45. Comment by Nadav | 2006/03/07 at 15:45:08

    I’d love an invite… computerg@gmail.com


  46. Comment by kofkof | 2006/03/08 at 14:33:55

    An invitation for me ? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks !

  47. Comment by ANDREIA | 2006/03/09 at 18:20:38

    Could you send me a invitation please?

  48. Comment by Edi Di | 2006/03/10 at 12:01:53

    Invite me please edithing@hotmail.com

  49. Comment by Stephane | 2006/03/10 at 12:59:35

    Hi all

    If someone has an invitation left please send me one (just one) : ibiza23@gmail.com

  50. Comment by Murtaza | 2006/03/11 at 00:54:06

    Can someone invite me plz.

  51. Comment by Sarah | 2006/03/13 at 19:48:24

    I would like to ask a favour.
    Would anybody kindly send me a Mabber invitation, please. Thank you very much.

    my email: sarahgellar33 (at) gmail.com

    Thank you very much.

  52. Comment by kacper Dabrowski | 2006/03/14 at 18:12:11

    I wolud like to have an anivitation. My mail: kacdab (at) gmail.com

    Thank You.

  53. Comment by LuizBiagi | 2006/03/19 at 22:10:02

    Someone could send me an invitation… pls

  54. Comment by tarun | 2006/03/21 at 08:38:49

    mabber seems gr888 i’d love to try .. plz send me an invite

  55. Comment by Stephane | 2006/03/21 at 11:50:11


    I would like to have an invitation please. i would like to test mabber ๐Ÿ™‚
    my email is steph95800@yahoo.fr

    thanks in advance

  56. Comment by sergiob | 2006/03/23 at 20:33:20

    can I have an invitation please, I’d like to test it on pocket pc because meebo ib banned on my mobile operator. TNX in advance!

  57. Comment by Zenith | 2006/03/29 at 04:38:42

    May I also having an invitation? Great appreciate!!!

  58. Comment by albertodiaz | 2006/03/29 at 08:45:52

    please, please,i neeeeeeed an invitation very quick.please.thanks.

    if you can send me one do it to my e-mail address.

  59. Comment by urs_buddy7 | 2006/03/29 at 13:22:18

    hii sir .. can i have a mabber invite .. i wanna c how it works on mine MDA….

  60. Comment by Lucy | 2006/03/30 at 19:55:54

    Hello!!! I’d been reading a lot about mabber and I would really like to try it out… So, may I have an invitation please?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Joe
    Comment by Joe | 2006/03/31 at 18:48:14

    Hi, can you invite me? thank you

  62. Comment by Justin | 2006/04/05 at 23:15:11

    Could you please send me a mabber invite? Thanks a lot. Justin

  63. Comment by John | 2006/06/29 at 23:53:25

    Can you send me an invitation. Thanks! John

  64. Comment by engiu | 2006/07/06 at 05:37:07

    can i get a free token from you?
    i want to test this cool stuff on mobile.

  65. Comment by Steve | 2006/07/06 at 10:18:33

    engiu, in order to get a token, register (no token required anymore) and log into the web client. the control center contains a link where you can request a free token for the mobile client.

  66. Comment by Emmanuel | 2007/11/19 at 20:40:44

    Are the enhancements you made for Mabber also available under GPL? Or was it done as part of a commercial license?

  67. Comment by Steve | 2007/11/20 at 09:39:23

    Whichn enhancements are you talking about precisely. Not all of my work for jabber is being made available as GPL but most of it.

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