punjab at jwchat.org

As I noticed major¹ troubles with my HTTP Binding servlet at jwchat.org when being used with Internet Explorer I decided to give punjab a try today.
First I failed miserably at this as I tried to install the plain package of Twisted-2.0.1. Once I installed the sumo-package punjab installed fine too.
Unfortunately punjab seems to be very slow (at least compared to ejabberd’s built in interface or my servlet). Additionally it gives me a lot of random disconnects thus leaving me behind with a very bad user experience after all.
Anyway, I decided to keep this service up to give you a chance to have a look at it yourself. JWChat.org offers you a select box to choose a backend from now.

¹ locks up apache entirely for some timeout to occur

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  1. Ray
    Comment by Ray | 2005/10/26 at 16:33:17

    I experienced many of the same issues with punjab when I first tried it. It had a few bugs in the session code around version 0.6. New versions have fixed those bugs, so it might be worth re-evaluating.

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