jwchat-1.0beta1 is out

After a long time without a new release I finally decided to upload a first beta of what’s going to be jwchat-1.0 soon. This is the first release that does not make use of WebClientService (WCS) anymore. Instead this one relies on a communicational library titled ‘JSJaC‘ which is being developed independently.

JSJaC lets you connect to any jabber server that supports either HTTP Polling or HTTP Binding. Both are protocols that are defined in official JEPs thus building a robust base for a standardized way of communication.
Starting with this release I will distribute pre-generated html-files to ease installation.
If you want to customize jwchat’s source, add or modify translations please use anynomous CVS for downloading it.

I also uploaded a bundled version of jwchat and my JabberHTTPBind servlet that lets you connect to any jabber server using HTTP Binding. With this bundled war file installing JWChat is as easy as just dropping a file into your servlets web app folder.


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