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becoming weblog hoster launched

gtk-imonc’s home moved

Took me some hours to move GTK-Imonc’s homepage to this wordpress blog but finally I succeeded. If you find bugs please drop a note.

overflow in gtk-imonc’s traffic window

Oliver pointed out a bug in GTK-Imonc that breaks scaling within its traffic window. Upon reconnect (going off and online) the graph get’s currepted remaining useless until GTK-Imonc is being restarted. Most probably this is caused by some integer overflow or the like … Is this worth a new release?

some notes on implementing http binding

When I said JSJaC and my JabberHTTPBind servlet do HTTP Binding this only holds for HTTP Binding operating in polling mode. Punjab allows you to use only polling mode too by the way. So I’m still working on both, the servlet and JSJaC to get true support for HTTP Binding.


TiddlyWiki is a mini wiki page (!) completely written in (guess what!) – JavaScript. This really rocks! I think I could use some of its code for jwchat . At least that file loading/saving stuff might be what let’s me do file transfer some time in the future.

jwchat-1.0beta1 is out

After a long time without a new release I finally decided to upload a first beta of what’s going to be jwchat-1.0 soon. This is the first release that does not make use of WebClientService (WCS) anymore. Instead this one relies on a communicational library titled ‘JSJaC‘ which is being developed independently. JSJaC lets you […]

Hello world!

Bringing you flowers and hopefully some insights of what I’m coding and why. Check back for updates! 😉